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is a form of bodywork (originating in Japan) which involves the use of pressure and rhythm on both muscular and "meridian pathways" of the body, based in the same 3,000+ years old Eastern Medicine that guides Acupuncturists and the martial arts such as Qi Gong and Ta'i Chi.  

The receiver wears loose, comfortable clothing during a session.

This technique is purposeful for those who have an overall sensation of being "stuck" or "blocked" in some way. Its goal is to promote general good health, relieve muscular tension and pain and balance the body's energy. A session often results in improved energy and circulation as well as improved functioning of organs and musculature with an increased sense of ease. 

Marilyn trained in AMMA Shiatsu with Annie Campbell, Santa Fe, NM in 1994 and recently (2015 & 2016) had the opportunity to train at Ten Thousand Waves (the premier Japanese Spa in the U.S. - Santa Fe, NM) with Nagoya Shiatsu Master Masanori Uchida. 

Marilyn A. Casey, L.M.T., CO #11526, HI #10769 (inactive), NM #1935
Board Certified with NCBTMB
Practitioner of Ida Rolf's Structural Integration
Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner
245 Nona Avenue, Trinidad, CO 81082; 719-680-9301

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