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Rejuvenating Facial: a one-half hour treatment including a facial steam, application of a sweet, age-old secret to great skin - organic honey (known as a moisturizer, deep cleanser and antibiotic), facial steam and a wonderful facial massage incorporating traditional Asian Shiatsu techniques known for their rejuvenative qualities.

Salt GloHawaiians have used this treatment for years, sometimes utilizing sand but more present-day sea salt is used mixed with skin-softening oil and applied as a "rub" that provides a cleansing-of-sorts of the outer surface of the skin. It is rinsed off with a simple hot shower leaving the client's skin baby-soft for days following the treatment.  Often clients choose to treat themselves to this at the changing of seasons to slough off old, dead skin and creating a feeling of being brand-new and refreshed!

Reflexology Foot TreatmentReflexology treats the foot as having a direct relationship via nervous system "zones" with the entire body.  Treatment of the foot exclusively can create the feeling that your whole body has been "treated" to great bodywork!  The 30-minute therapy begins with each foot treated for any rough spots, "steam-wrapped" with a warm/hot cloth, then reflexology-massaged with softening lotion.    

Marilyn A. Casey, L.M.T., CO #11526, HI #10769 (inactive), NM #1935
Board Certified with NCBTMB
Practitioner of Ida Rolf's Structural Integration
Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner
245 Nona Avenue, Trinidad, CO 81082; 719-680-9301

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