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Here are excerpts from letters of reference received:

Marilyn Casey has always been a strong, skilled bodyworker, very sensitive to her clients' needs.  What makes her truly amazing is that she is continually improving, seeking out more techniques, theories and methods that were always "just in the nick of time" as I developed some special trouble.  She had the cure before I even knew I needed it!  Marilyn is one of the most thoughtful, sensitive, yet honest women I know.  She will speak the truth, but in a careful, non-harming way.  She is morally and ethically beyond reproach.  I become a better person just by knowing and observing her work. She is irreplaceable. Chris D., High School Math & Science Teacher

Marilyn Casey has been my massage therapist for several years.  Her healing touch has calmed my spirit and restored a healthy balance to my life.  She not only uses her hands but her spirit in the restoration of your heart and the alignment of your hips.  You will be in good hands when you trust yourself to her talents.  This recommendation is written with total confidence in the abilities of Marilyn Casey. Stephanie J., Business Owner

I received bodywork from Marilyn weekly for a couple of years. These sessions blended various styles of bodywork including Swedish, Shiatsu, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.  I found Marilyn to be thoroughly competent and professional, but even more, especially gifted.  She has technical proficiency coupled with an exquisite touch.  Her work feels focused and attentive and I found it both relaxing and rejuvenating. Dennis L., D.O.M.

During the time Marilyn worked for Santa Fe Massage I observed her dedicated professionalism as a practitioner of Massage Therapy. She is an outstanding representative of a Body Therapist and is clear in her abilities to teach and share her knowledge. S. Hartle, L.M.T., Owner, Santa Fe Massage

I met Marilyn through student evaluations of the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. I had just returned to teach at the school after being in India for over a year. ..the evaluations were filled with praise, "Marilyn is a savior! She's helped me really understand A & P." "Marilyn is the greatest; her humor, sensitivity and knowledge have really changed my attitude about learning."  Finally, I came to know Marilyn on a personal basis.  I was so impressed with her and the way she handled herself in the classroom, I hired her to teach an Anatomy Class at the Santa Fe Community Yoga Center.  She agreed and fulfilled her obligations thoroughly.  I have nothing but positive praise to send her way.  I can highly recommend her in every capacity.  Michael H., Director, Santa Fe Community Yoga Center

Marilyn is articulate, knowledgeable and above all, forthcoming in her willingness to share.  This woman is a true professional and her personality is even.  Her high levels of enthusiasm for what she does makes being with her a delight.  Anyone who has the good fortune to include her in their organization will be blessed. Michael Shea, Ph.D.

I've known Marilyn for over twelve years; first meeting her when she rented space in my building in Raton, NM.  She has worked with me from time to time over these many years in her field of bodywork.  Although I've been elsewhere for a relaxing massage, Marilyn is the technician I trust with the deeper issues in my body.  She is skilled, knowledgeable, intuitive, caring and professional.  I took my elderly parents to her as well, and they both fell in love with Marilyn.  My recommendation is without qualification. John D., retired Attorney; presently Professional Stress Manager 

A PARTICIPANT OF THE ROLF/STRUCTURAL INTEGRATION 10-SERIES SPEAKS ABOUT THE WORK: After a lifetime of normal physical challenges and stress, I found myself at age 63 knowing that I had the energy and motivation to live many more decades but being very concerned that I had a body nowhere near that readiness!  I knew that I was carrying the normal years of wear and tear that age alone brings.  I also knew that I was carrying the after-effects of a major car accident from years ago, involving a high-speed side impact long before air bags had been invented.  After months of physical therapy, the residual damage from that even ended my professional dance career.Recently I had developed a neck pain from an unclear specific cause, although I had experienced the loss of several family members and endured two fairly impressive skiing accidents that certainly could be listed as possible causes.  I went through a number of medical procedures to find the cause and eliminate the pain in my neck, without much lessening of discomfort. It was time to pursue a procedure I had learned about years before during my dance and theatre work: After 10 sessions with Rolf Practitioner Marilyn Casey, I am now walking around with a body that resembles the one I had before the car accident in the 1980s and certainly before the recent neck problems. In terms of my neck, it has not been a “miracle,” because I still have to concentrate on eliminating neck muscle tightening, and I have to closely check that area. Likewise, there are days when my neck hurts and is not as mobile as I’d like. On a scale of 1 – 10, 1 = no pain, 10= the pain I had before, I moderate between 0 and 2. Oh yes!But, the real treasure is what has happened to my body, and in direct relation, my entire sense of well-being and attitude toward life.  As I’ve told Marilyn, despite the fact that I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been and despite the fact that this flat-stomached dancer now has layers of fat around my mid-section, I feel like a tall and slender person. When I do my morning yoga stretching without effort,  I am able to exceed the amount of stretch that I have been able to achieve with effort over the years since I stopped dancing.  My torso is now straight rather than torqued slightly around. My shoulders are on a level plain, rather than the 1” slope I used to have on my right side.The “well-being and attitude toward life” changes may end up being the most profound. I am aware of my body as I move through space, almost subconsciously. Whenever I connect with some tension starting to manipulate my body, I immediately find my body reminding me to acknowledge that tension and release it.  When the tension moves from my body and into the floor and my body jiggles a little – as Marilyn did to it during sessions – I am immediately and consciously aware of how good I feel and how wonderful life is.  The connection between body tension, lack of tension, and well-being is amazing.A second consistent time when I’m aware of the connection between how my body feels and what is happening in my spirits is when I lay down in bed each night.  Without consciously thinking about it, no matter what events precede the moment that my body stretches out for a night’s sleep, my mind takes over a conscious assessment of how I feel, releases all tension and creates in my mind an image of Michelangelo’s human body sketch.  I feel the very center of my body, and I feel my arms and legs connected at that center point and stretching out, connecting to any imaginary circle that describes my entire body.  Once that image is complete, my mind then moves through all the great things that have transpired during the day and moves into a litany of thanks and requests for guidance in the challenges of tomorrow.  With each thought, my body sinks deeper into the mattress, and I move closer to a deep, cleansing sleep.Finally, since completing the Rolf work, I have this insatiable need to talk about it all the time! Harriet V., Theatre Director

Marilyn A. Casey, L.M.T., CO #11526, HI #10769 (inactive), NM #1935
Board Certified with NCBTMB
Practitioner of Ida Rolf's Structural Integration
Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner
245 Nona Avenue, Trinidad, CO 81082; 719-680-9301

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