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Massage & Somatic Therapies Descriptions
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Ida Rolf's Structural Integration: "Structural Integration" is typically a series of 10 sessions designed to lengthen and offer health to connective tissue (which covers every segment of our bodies - muscles, bone, nerves, organs, blood and lymph vessels, etc.).  As a result of this bodywork, stressed and injured tissue becomes soft, re-hydrated and more pliable, allowing increased flexibility and movement capability.  (Please see the separate page of this website that explains this work more fully.) 

Integrative MassageCombining Ortho-Bionomy, Swedish, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lomilimi techniques with the application of oil.  The intent and effect is to calm and generally relax the recipient without a focus of muscular depth.

"Simply Therapeutic" Massage: Incorporating some traditional use of the application of oil with Swedish, Lomilomi, Shiatsu and some Deep Tissue Massage & Advanced Bodywork as needed in general and for specific muscular areas of tension or disability.  The intent and effect is for noted improvement not just in relaxation but in muscular comfort that had been lacking for the recipient.

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage: "Lomilomi" in Hawaiian means: "rub, rub" and has a "dance-like" style utilizing oil and following a treatment protocol.  Like many of the massage teachers of old, the Lomilomi therapist learns this treatment protocol with the prescribed ways of old acting as a constant teacher.  It is a rhythmic, full body massage and includes some joint mobilization/stretching techniques.  The muscular depth of treatment varies based on the client's needs. 

Ortho-Bionomy: Osteopathic in its origins; this style of bodywork deals with finding comfort without force; tapping into the body's own inner, intrinsic wisdom. (Please see the separate page explaining this work more fully.) 

Shiatsu: A form of bodywork which involves the use of pressure on "meridian pathways" of the body, based in the same 3,000+ years old Eastern Medicine that guides Acupuncturists and the martial arts such as Qi Gong and Tai Chi.  The receiver wears loose, comfortable clothing.  Its goal is to promote general good health & balance the body's energy.   

Marilyn A. Casey, L.M.T., CO #11526, HI #10769 (inactive), NM #1935
Board Certified with NCBTMB
Practitioner of Ida Rolf's Structural Integration
Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner
245 Nona Avenue, Trinidad, CO 81082; 719-680-9301

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